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elementa in the exhibition MosBuild 2011


Nesterov, Igor - Technical Director of the Moscow office

Alexander Goetz - Sintra GmbH
Dmitry Tihachev - Head of "Mounting Systems", Moscow
Alex Kovtun - Head of direct sales, Moscow

Datsishin Alexey communicates with the visitors bench elementa

Pavel Andreev - Engineer of direct sales, Moscow

Alexander Vavilov - General Manager "The simple mechanics - Nizhny Novgorod"
Sergei Kanevsky - OOO "Fischer fixing systems Rus

Vladimir fire - General Manager "Simple Mechanics - Samara
Maxim Borisov - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, .....

Alexander Ilyinich - Gen. Director of the simple mechanics - Moscow
Alexander Goetz - Sintra GmbH
Datsishin Alexey - General Manager "Simple Mechanics - Krasnoyarsk
Linenko Igor - General Manager "Simple Mechanics - Novosibirsk"

Vadim Radikovich Mutallapov - General Manager "Simple Mechanics - Ufa

Nesterov, Igor - Technical Director "The simple mechanics - Moscow

Maxim Nikolaevich Borisov - The owner of factories, newspapers, steamships ...

There were other decent people, but not all, managed to photograph.
elementa to thank everyone who visited our booth, or wanted to come but could not.

Diploma of Exhibition:

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